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Our People

We owe our strength to the quality of our staff. Our staff understand the importance of personalised, responsive care that we believe our residents deserve. From our care staff, to our administrative and housekeeping services are committed to making Deanwood Lodge a good place to live.


It is often said that staff are a company’s most important asset.

At Deanwood Lodge this is not just mantra; we encourage and provide all our team, the opportunity to further their career by pursuing academic and vocational qualifications at university, college or through distance learning.

We invest in our staff so that their ongoing learning and development will ensure continuous improvement in the quality of care we offer.

“My Job is my passion. I really love looking after my residents, supporting their families and also my staff. When I see my residents happy and they smile, it makes me very proud”

Paulina – Care Home Manager

Dignity Champions

A Dignity Champion is someone who believes passionately that being treated with dignity is a basic human right, not an optional extra. They believe that care services must be compassionate, person centred, as well as efficient, and are willing to try to do something to achieve this. Although all our care staff are dignity champions in their own right, we have team leaders who are dignity champions.

Dignity Champions are willing to:

  • Stand up and challenge disrespectful behaviour
  • Act as good role models by treating other people with respect, particularly those who are less able to stand up for themselves
  • Speak up about dignity to improve the way that services are organised and delivered
  • Influence and inform colleagues
  • Listen to and understand the views and experiences of residents

Meet one of our Carers

“I often have a dance with residents, to see ther faces light up, to see them smile, to see them happy, makes me go home and feel I have done a really good job today”

Louise – Carer at Deanwood Lodge

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